After Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders’ Weight, Sarah’s MOM Lets Hell Break Lose On Him

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one tough cookie — but don’t call her mom a “southern hamburger.” Sarah will brush it off, but her mother will NOT.

Earlier this y

ear, SNL used the term “southern hamburger” to disparage Sanders’ weight. The backlash was immediate among conservative circles, but the harassment didn’t end.

This past Saturday, SNL featured a pantsless depiction of Sarah Sanders rubbing her breasts and gyrating around the press briefing room. Meanwhile, two newspaper reporters doubled-down on the attacks against the press secretary’s appearance.

LA Times reporter David Horsey even called Sanders a “slightly chunky soccer mom” and ran a cartoon calling her a “big mother.”

And that did NOT please Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ REAL mother.

After seeing the piece in the Times, Mrs. Huckabee wrote a SCATHING letter to the journalist that the LA Times refused to print. The journalist did, however, tell a New York Times reporter, “She was mad, but she was good about it. It wasn’t anything like the really nasty stuff.”

OF COURSE Mrs. Huckabee wasn’t nasty — that’s not her family’s style. They’re classy, Christian people. But lord knows that reporter was probably given a good fright when he got that letter.

We all know, you never mess with mama bear. She’ll protect her cubs.

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Sarah can handle herself, but it’s wonderful to see her mom step in when she feels wronged.

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