Teen Sees Man Kidnap Toddler, Runs After Them And Yells Three Words That Saves Her Life

Ever since kidnappings started rising, parents began worrying their children about the untrustworthy “stranger with candy.” Parents want their children, especially their little girls, to watch out for “guys with a van” because these people can snatch up the child and take them somewhere scary. I know my parents warned my brother and I growing up. And so did most of my friends’ parents. Because children are trusting and innocent, they don’t understand that some adults have ill intentions. And that they have violent and abusive predilections. So when a 5-year-old girl suddenly went missing from her grandmother’s yard, the entire community went searching for her. Apparently a man had lured the 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas from the yard with the promise of cold ice cream. And when she got close enough, he grabbed her by the neck and stuffed her inside his maroon sedan.

Immediately a search party went out to look for the abducted girl. People in the community even blocked off streets so the kidnapper couldn’t get away.

Canine units were brought in and the community searched the neighborhood block by block for this little girl. She had only been gone for several minute but already the community was mobilized.

But in the end, it was two courageous boys who rescued the kidnapped girl.

Because they wanted to help, Temar and Chris hopped onto their bikes and rode off in the direction they thought the suspect had gone. And because they were both 15 years old, they weren’t thinking about the consequences. They wanted to help and they wanted adventure. And they knew that they were just as capable as anyone else of finding the little girl and saving her life.

Just half a mile from the girl’s grandmother’s home, the boys saw the maroon sedan that had the little girl. Not only was the girl inside, the driver was acting very suspicious. This confirmed all they needed to know. Temar and Chris hurried over.

“Every time we’d go down the street, he’d turn back around, and then… we’ll follow him,” brave Temar said.

For a quarter of an hour, Temar and Chris followed the suspect. They were hurrying as fast as they could after the car on their bikes. It was not easy going. They knew that little Jocelyn was scared beyond words and trapped in that car.

Eventually, Temar pulled up next to the kidnapper. He looked the suspect in the eye. And he knew this was the man who had the little girl. Then Temar said three words that terrified the man.

“I see you.”

Then the miracle occurred. The man, terrified of these brave young men, let Jocelyn go. And then he sped away from the scene.

“He stopped at the end of the hill and let her out, and she ran to me and said that she need her mom,” Temar said.

The next day the kidnapper was caught. Temar and Chris were able to give a great description of him. Not only did they save the girl, they helped the cops catch the bad guy. These boys deserve a round of applause.

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